Silicone Cap

Personalized Silicone Cap

El gorro de piscina de silicona es nuestro producto estrella. El material es elástico y duradero y es uno de los gorros más impermeables de nuestra línea de productos, siendo el tipo de gorro más utilizado para piscina y aguas abiertas tanto para entrenar como para competir. 

Se puede personalizar con hasta 5 colores por cada lado y los diseños no pierden brillo y color con el paso del tiempo, siendo mucho más duraderos que los gorros de látex o tela.

The silicone Swim cap is our top product. The material is elastic and resistant, even though finger nails or hair clips could damage it. 

This is one of the most waterproof Swim caps of our available models, and it becomes one of the most used for swimming pools and open water, either for training or competition. We recommend rinse it with clean water after each use and to add some talc regularly to keep the cap in great shape.

We personalize up to 5 colours per side and the designs do not loose brightness and colour over time, becoming much more durable tan latex or fabric caps.

We deliver globally in 2 weeks upon design confirmation, with a minimum order quantity of 25 units per design. Each colour of the design requires a silk&screen set, that is produced and kept for futures orders of the same design up to 2 years of its last use, not applying the silk&screen set cost for orders repetition.

Our swim caps, either customized or not, feature an individual packaging with no brand on it. We can customize your own branded bag for an extra fee.

Available in adult and junior sizes and 20 colours (please clik on the colour catalogue image for details): black, white royal blue, navy blue, sky blue, green, fluor green, yellow, fluor yellow, orange, pink, metal blue, coral, red, silver, and 4 multi colour models.

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